About us

Our story begins in 1997 with a red, white and blue fort like structure named ‘Kemp Fort’. This creation of Ravi V. Melwani was made a reality to bring fun, entertainment and shopping from different parts of the world right in to the heart of Bangalore, prominently highlighting the city on the map of India. For 12 years, Kemp Fort continued to delight the masses that flocked to it’s 3,00,000 square feet area to shop, dine, play and even pray at the World's Most Powerful Shiv Mandir, which is located behind Kemp Fort.

In 2009, after achieving everything that he wanted to achieve, Ravi V. Melwani decided that it was time for a change. He leased out the building in order to convert the Fort into a more modern and contemporary shopping destination. This change brought to it’s customers, not only a hypermarket where the entire family could do their everyday shopping, but also global brands from across the world, making it a one-stop shop destination.

In 2014, after deciding that he wanted to bring back the fun and entertainment of those good old ‘Kemp Fort’ days, while keeping intact the modern look of the current mall, it was decided that the mall be named ‘Kemp Fort Mall’, which, along with a change in management, now promises to recreate and bring back the magic of those bygone days that people have never been able to forget.